that respects ancestral skills

LIn 1968, faced with the onslaught of chemical products, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and the huge doses of chemical fertilizer used at this time, my grandfather decided that the time had come to embrace organic farming.
A return to ancestral methods of working the land, to the careful observation of nature, and to a more natural approach seemed evident. Despite this, the road to a successful organically farmed vineyard was long and hard and fraught with difficulties. Apart from being taken for a marginal, he also had to contend with low yields right up to the early eighties.

At this time, my parents had also joined the organic farming adventure.
Their intimate understanding of this distinctive style of farming and the work involved finally won out ... proving them right as yields slowly increased until they reached their former levels.
For myself, immersed in the organic ethos from my youngest age, my grandfather’s pioneering spirit and visionary outlook has naturally played a pivotal role in shaping my own approach.
He was the voice of wisdom ... For all of us.